Active RS 719-1

High quality cat eye with two lenses on opposite sides placed at an angle, which makes the lighting is much more visible on the road. Each side is just one LED V. The use of such diodes provides high quality light while maintaining high strength and energy efficiency. The power of the unit is fully solar. In the middle of the cat mesh is a solar panel, which during the day, loads the built-in battery 800mAh capacity. With energy efficiency device can run dozens of hours without charging, which is important in the case of long persistent inclement weather. An additional benefit of this is the use of reflective film, which significantly increases the visibility of the device.


  • lines, roads and highways
  • shoulders of roads
  • separating lanes
  • marking of bridges
  • the marking crosses
  • marking rond
  • and wile other




450 mcd/lux-500 mcd/lux


102 * 82 * 20 mm

The weight of the

160 g



Load carrying capacity

30 ton

LED Quantity

1 per page

The visibility of the

more than 300 m

Temperature range

-40 to 75 ° c

The tightness of the

IP 68

The certificate

· Certificate of conformity with EN 1463-1:2009



Assembly instructions point reflectors type RS-719-1
1. You must properly mark and clear the place of installation and make sure that the surface is dry.
2. Use epoxy adhesive or flexible and prepare the desired element.
It is allowed to use glue: epoxy resin and hardener.
On average, it takes approximately 15 g adhesive. The entire bottom surface of the device must also be filled with glue and glued to the ground.
3. Set the device in the right direction and then put on the ground.
4 remove the adhesive residue.