Road marking

Leditech is the exclusive distributor of products improving road safety. We offer modern and reliable active road markings-active point LED elements, tags, innovative devices measure traffic and active pedestrian crossings LED, implemented with success in many places in Poland in the world. In addition, we offer automatic wireless detection system of pedestrians and cyclists.
Our priority is to improve safety on Polish roads. Reduction of traffic accidents, to reduce the number of victims and raising the quality and standard of driving regardless of the time of day and weather conditions are objectives to which we are going.
We focus on the new dimension of security. We propose products effective and proven, designed for their versatile. We guarantee a peaceful journey, we care about the health and lives of Polish drivers and their families, and pedestrians.

EU rules on standardisation and certification of products, rules of placing goods on the market and their security requirements are fully respected by our company.
Proposed by us products have CE and are produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard. This high-quality products, compatible with international safety standards and rules in force in the European Union. Inactive items are in accordance with the European standard EN 1463-1:2009.
The LED used to warn drivers according to standard PN-EN12352
The offered products in many places in the world have contributed to significantly improve the safety of road users.

The recommendations come inter alia from countries such as Poland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Australia or the United States.