Steel structures are today very widely used during the creation of the road infrastructure, and the company Leditech is able to provide any type of design, which only will be needed in the implementation of the project. We are professional factory, in which we are able to perform any level of steel complex and in any size, even the operating one. With high-quality machinery and with the highest quality steel, we guarantee the reliability of our design. In addition, each item is professionally secured against corrosion and is meticulous checking quality welds, which guarantees that the design will not have hidden defects.

Among the basic design, which performs the company Leditech, you will find among other things: s

  • eparating the rails and balustrad
  • es; gantries and trusses road;
  • solid bars for mounting signs and traffic lights; worl
  • d; ac
  • oustic screens; t
  • owers;
  • masts.

We can of course make any construction, including telecommunication masts or individual segments. We are always open to individual projects of our customers. We are not afraid of even the most complicated challenges and, in any case, we guarantee the highest quality of our design.