Lighting switch for pedestrians

Innovative solutions in greenhouses crosswalks contribute to very effective improving safety at crossings, in particular at night or in bad weather and in non-urban areas, usually without the road lighting.

Thanks to modern technology systems detect only pedestrians approaching the transition. Intelligent sensors can distinguish a man from a leaf or even a passing animal.

After you apply the system by crosswalk visibility dramatically changing. The driver warning hundreds of feet before reaching to crosswalks.

The use of solar energy to power the system not only reduces the maintenance costs of equipment to zero, but also contributes to the protection of the environment.

The devices are very easy to install and configure, and LED the latest class light generated by the lamp is extremely intense.

Standard sign D6 (60 * 60 * 6 cm)
Power supply: 12VDC
Version: Fixed
: Aluminium Profile
Power consumption: 6 watt

Dimensions LED 60 * 9 * 8 cm
Power supply: 1



-Effective light go for pedestrians extremely dangerous road sections or where you have not applied any other lighting.

-Automatic detection of the pedestrian approach to the transition. The system runs the lighting when the pedestrian is coming to pass and puts out after leaving the transition by a pedestrian while saving the same energy.

-Highly efficient batteries combined with modern solar cell, which works flawlessly for many years.

-Solar power is extremely environmentally friendly, and cheap to maintain. In addition, the system allows you to save on the cost of lifting a steady source of electrical power.

-The ability to connect devices already installed control system of traffic lights at pedestrian crossings.

The ability to connect with these devices 

Wireless communication

We can offer you wireless or wired devices PEO active communicating with each other and with the main LED znajduującą under the sign. The system runs just before the pedestrian crossing.