I-SAFE-guard crosswalks


I-SAFE is a warning system usually placed linebacker pedestrian crossings.  Forces moving on foot the participants of the movement to draw attention to the way it would step in on the road. Is particularly needed in places frequented by children and people with visual impairments.

Where the walkway connects the pedestrian walkway, on both side of the second are belonging to the system. Are made of stainless steel, with no moving parts and possible fractures part. Create a durable, designed for decades of use cover the entire system. Have incorporated in the design of reflective surfaces, making them visible also at night.

Inside there are photocells followers pedestrian crossing and the line between the posts. Motion detection is played the sound message-recording the human voice to warn of danger or that the basic principles of security. The sound system is located at the bottom of the bars I-SAFE and is incorporated in their structure.

The whole thing is an autonomous class with higher solar panel bars on.

The system can be integrated with traffic lights, but also act independently from the non-crossing lights.

Children returning from school considered on crosswalk need very little, and the warning system I-SAFE has been designed as the simplest possible. We are ready to install it on each intersection and warnings relevant to the place.

Operating when walk signal (green light) is on

A voice information system; “When crossing the crosswalk, please check the safety while looking around!”

Operating when stop signal (red light) is on

After detecting a pedestrian entering the road, immediately broadcasts a voice warning; “Keep out! Please take one step back!” 1. Detecting a pedestrian entering the road 2. Broadcasting a voice warning 3. The pedestrian moves into a safety zone

Crossings without traffic lights

A voice information system; “Be looking left and right” “Be hands holding a crossing” “Jaywalking is dangerous” “Look at the car comes” “Playing in the crossing is dangerous”



Bar size: 130 * 130 * 800 mm
Material: stainless steel
Housing dimensions: 130 x 100 * 400 mm
Housing material: stainless steel

I-SAFE with autonomous power supply

Bar size: 130 * 130 * 800 mm
Pistil with panel size: 130 * 130 * 3000 mm
Material: stainless steel
Housing dimensions: 130 x 100 x 400 mm
Housing material: stainless steel

iSAFE works only for pedestrians.


subcon3_02Police statistics are depressing and leave no doubt. Most transport accidents involving pedestrians happens on for them crossing. There is also the most deaths and injuries. In 2013-2014, more than 50% of the injured pedestrian was hit on the crossing. Every year are killed more than 200 people, and damage even applies 3000! Data for the years 2015-2016 likely will be equally disturbing.

Very often, the guilty are alone pedestrians. Brooding, in a hurry, gaze fixed on their smartphones, with headphones on my ears, forget rozglądaniu to or even glance what color light to light another turn, for health reasons it is difficult to notice in time of threat. Installed on the few intersections sound signals are easy to ignore in the urban hustle and bustle.

That is why we need the I-SAFE-cheap and straightforward for road warning system that will remind us all that we should be careful to comply with and thus avoid threats.

Short warning rozlegające for views on a perilous road can save lives. Also yours.

Walking slow hasteless step closer to passage to pedestrians. Staring at the screen of the Smartphone, do not pay attention to the road. After all, there hardly anyone rides. Suddenly the warning. A pedestrian stops confused and looking around. Just before it passes a car. Light for pedestrians actually was red. When it changes to green, our busy phone Walker enters the roadway. Hear a friendly request to exercise caution on the road. Very possible that remembers the Council on the next passing this on pedestrian crossings.

So I just worked and-SAFE may be preventing rapid inhibition on the part of the driver, or even less. Photocell registered the movement at a time when no one should go through the transition (red light) and responded by sending a loud warning sound.

The second attempt to cross the roadway was made at the green light, the goal and-SAFE has responded only reminder about the need to refocus attention on the road. The recording was quieter and less obtrusive – according to the risks.

If the system was not integrated with the main-beam headlamps, still could serve as a warning, and with the help of appropriate recordings remind pedestrians about the need to remain vigilant. Possibly a hurry things along them to leave the transition when they are staying on it for too long.

I-SAFE is a completely automated, energy-independent and adapted to multi-annual action.

Guarding the gate pass for pedestrians formed primarily with children in mind. The youngest participants of the road are often the least aware of the threats, and at the same time easy to disperse despite warnings, go ahead and enter the road.

To stop them from causing danger for themselves sufficient strong warning adult. When this is not in place, can it replace the recording read by I-SAFE. Machine equipped with a photoelectric cell is always alert and easily summons children to order. Warnings use but also for adults.

People who are blind, have difficulty with or under the influence of drugs much easier to capture audio signal than light. Used on some pedestrian crossings lights can unfortunately blend in the background sound on a busy road, and increase their volume easily exasperated by road users. I-SAFE can warn people with low vision in a manner not interfering and not leaving no doubt as to the purpose of the warning. Near businesses employing people low vision and vision therapy I-SAFE is as needed as before the schools.

More and more current in Poland experience from other countries shows, finally, on the third group of road users, which sound a warning can save lives. These are adults, healthy and fully fit people who are too busy, busy looking for example. carried an electronic device to pay attention to the road. However, they cannot ignore the donośnego voice staying is against trespassing on the road while it is red light.

Although I-SAFE has been designed for mainly students of primary schools, very quickly became apparent that the system as effectively warns adults that cannot or do not even try to spot the light signals and passengers.

In the purchase price of the I-SAFE wliczamy his installation on designated crosswalk. Carry out her experienced staff familiar with the product and its performance.

Put into service through I-SAFE has properly set the photocell; Optionally, efficient, brand new solar panel and uploaded the correct warning. The latter can be changed by using the enclosed in a steel box Panel. Every day it is protected against the opening, use or damage and does not require maintenance.

Experience with the South Korean market where the product has been introduced earlier indicate that the whole system is maintenance-free. If necessary, we also service and service-SAFE.