We supply exclusively modern lighting solutions and marking of roads that directly translate into significant improvements in safety.

Mission of our company is primarily striving to offer Clients the most modern technological solutions related to lighting, as well as the marking of roads, cycling and many other places. We constantly monitor the market, we cooperate with the best producers and as a result, we are able to provide the device effectively to improve road safety, which at the same time has a high energy efficiency, ease of installation, durability, and limited to the absolute minimum cost of living.

We are aware of how many dangerous sections of roads in our country and that is why we make every effort to ensure that our technology solutions directly translate into the rescue of human life.

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Safety first our strengths are:

  • Maintenance-free devices

  • The LED V generation

  • Warranty from 2 to 7 years

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Applies to active tag RS 709.
The quality of delivered products was unqualified. Delivery of the former completed on time and with due diligence. That is why our Company recommends the company to work as a reliable contract
or. This includes delivery, Assembly and commissioning of the active system of pedestrian crossings with motion detection, PEO and the WiFi module 3 Kit.
Commissioned service was performed in accordance with the expectations of Municipaliti
Marcin Zając, Zastępca Wójta, Gmina Stare Babice
es, reliably and in a timely manner. Solar elements with the use of solar energy will not cause pollution, do not emit carbon dioxide, the same are harmless and neutral for the environment.