We only supply innovative solutions for lighting and road markings, which directly translates into a significant improvement in safety.

The mission of our company is primarily striving to offer customers the newest technological solutions related to the lighting and marking of roads, bicycle paths, and many other places. We continuously follow the market, we cooperate with the best producers and thus we are able to supply the equipment to effectively improve road safety, which also features high energy efficiency, ease of installation, durability, and reduced to an absolute minimum maintenance costs..

We are aware of how many dangerous sections of road works in our country and that is why do our best to keep our technological solutions directly translate into saving lives..

Meet our team

A few words about us

The Leditech company offers innovative road lighting solutions, public space or private and corporate areas. We offer comprehensive services related to advice when choosing our equipment, Assembly at the customer’s as well as we do a series of training courses that allow you to quickly learn about all issues related to the support offered by the US technology.

We employ only people with great experience and knowledge, but also a passion for the work. Our team of professionals is at your service at every stage of use. We help in choosing, we assemble and train always ensuring the highest level of our services.  Our employees undergo regular training by raising their competences, to how best to adapt to current market standards.

Questions and answers

If you are using our road lighting, so “cat’s eyes”, we give full warranty for a period of 24 months. The warranty covers not only the LEDs or the batteries (in the case of solar illumination), but also the housing and all the electronics of the device.

Available in our shop, in turn, LED light sources have a guarantee from 5 to 7 years, and with our experience we know that the full efficiency of these devices can keep for a really much broader period of time.

If you have any problems with our devices you can use with a very handy door-to-door warranty.

As most Yes! In the process of recruitment of our employees we use very stringent procedures so that our team consists of only people with substantial knowledge and experience in the field of road lighting and utility. Offer expertise in each case and we are always at your disposal.
The vast majority of our devices we have in stock in Warsaw, which is why we are able to complete an order within a few days. If ordered by the Member States must be just brought to us, is a period of execution of the order is from one to a maximum of 4 weeks. Always, of course, inform you about the availability of products.
Definitely Yes! We have the whole team very skilled fitters, equipped with modern equipment is able to realize every order associated with the installation of purchased by your equipment throughout the country.

As the only company in the market, we also offer professional training related to the service sold by the nas devices.

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